Elemental Meditation

A week of meditation and living a simple life outdoors and in nature. Time and space to listen and open to what calls for our attention. Living together as a community, meditating together, we will draw on the symbol of the stupa and the elements of earth, water, fire, air, space and consciousness to nourish and guide us along the way. We will have periods of silence with an extended period at the heart of the retreat. Bodywork and optional meditation reviews will also be offered.

This retreat is open to all adults who have been meditating for at least a year and are familiar with Triratna buddhist community practices.

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Meditation Retreat

Dates: 6 – 13th August

Led by: Tejapushpa, Silabodhi and Sraddhatara

Sorry, this retreat is fully booked. Please use the booking form below to place yourself on the waiting list.