Kids Area

travel-shrinesThe Kids Area provides loads of stuff for the children on the open retreat to do through the day. It’s hard to convince a 9 year old to meditate (for more than a few seconds…) so we have alternatives to keep them happy. One of the most famous is the ‘Chocolate Meditation’, Buddhafield North’s attempt to combine calm and craving – the kids love it! There are a huge range of craft activities and games, past years have seen: jewellery making, puppet shows, Buddhafield North Olympics, parachute games, making instruments, clay modelling, creating gnome gardens and lots more.

We do have to emphasise that the Kids Area is not a crèche; your children will need their usual amount of supervision.

olympics-2010Here’s what a few of the children say: Maya Knight, aged 9, says “In the kids area there are lots of games and creative activities for children to play at” Freddie Harris, aged 11, says: “Great games, I loved the Buddhafield Olympics last year best of all”.