Camping tips

Here are a few tips the team have come up with, to help make your stay a happy one!

In no particular order…

  • Put a blanket or two, or a rug, underneath your bed (especially if it’s an airbed) as insulation from the cold ground beneath you.
  • Bring lots of spare socks! It’s so easy to stand in wet patches of carpet just as you take your wellies off!
  • If you lay down a wooden board under your sleeping mat, you’ll have smooth, even ground to sleep on.
  • If you are camping on a slope, lay down a wooden board under your sleeping mat and prop it up with a brick to make a flat surface.
  • If you lay down a yoga mat under your sleeping mat, you won’t slide downhill in the night!
  • Earplugs!
  • Layers of blankets or spare sleeping bags trap air between them for extra insulation.
  • A sleeping bag is warmer than a duvet (although some may disagree….!)
  • Hot water bottles – a must!
  • Bring a scarf and hat to wear in and out of bed on very cold nights!
  • You may wish to bring your own snacks, for you or your children to eat in your tent, separate from the communal food. (Check whether or not we have a peanut-free policy).
  • Wellies are far more waterproof than walking boots in long, wet grass. Walking boots good for walks though.
  • Tippex, paint or brand with fire (!) your initials or a pattern on your wellies, so they are easily identifiable in a sea of other wellies
  • Some may choose to bring a large plastic tub with a lid, to avoid leaving the tent in the night if a wee is needed.
  • A torch. Or two. Headtorches are especially useful when trying to find something or sorting out your tent on your hands and knees.
  • Plenty of warm clothes. In fact, clothes for all weathers!
  • Bedsocks!
  • Waterproofs
  • Cosy blanket for the shrine tent evenings (although lots are provided)
  • An umbrella
  • Airbeds often deflate! Self-inflating mats are more trustworthy (Thermarest or similar.) These can be made extra comfy by buying a foam mattress topper or similar.

Any further tips welcome!