buddhafield-buddhaBuddhism is often described as a path of practice, leading from where we are now, to a higher state of being, to a more and more positive life. The depths and heights of our being are progressively transformed, culminating, ultimately, in the state of Enlightenment

Buddhism has moved to many different cultures and as it does it takes on the local cultural ‘clothes’; in Japan Zen Buddhism can appear very austere, Tibetan Buddhism is very colourful and flamboyant

But each manifestation of the Buddha’s teachings is intended to take us closer and closer to the state of Enlightenment

Buddhism has now arrived in the West. In fact all the cultural manifestations of Buddhism have arrived here virtually simultaneously. We now have to make sense of all these different teachings, we have to find a way of using what we have inherited from the East; but it has to be a way that works for us living now in the modern world.

hosts-of-buddhasPeople in the west are often alienated from the natural world, and, in a related way, alienated from ourselves. At Buddhafield North we hope to go a small way to bring ourselves back into touch with nature and more in touch with our deeper selves.

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